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1. What is HeloRobo?

You can manage your messaging channels, Facebook and Instagram comments from a single panel. You can also market and sell your products through messaging channels thanks to HeloRobo.

2. What is the price of HeloRobo?

You can find information about the prices on the plans page.

3. How do I pay for HeloRobo?

The HeloRobo payment is included in your Shopify invoice.

4. What should I consider before connecting HeloRobo?

You must have a verified Facebook Business Manager account. If you do not have a verified Meta Business account, you can learn how to verify by clicking this link. Your number must not be registered on the WhatsApp. If your WhatsApp account is active, you need to delete your account. If you had used the WhatsApp Business API before, make sure your account has been removed from the other platform.

5. Can use the WhatsApp Business API with my own phone number?

Yes, you can. However, you must delete your active WhatsApp account. Thus, your messages will be deleted. Before you delete your WhatsApp account, make sure to get your chat history backup to import them to HeloRobo.

6. How can I import my chat history?

At first step, you must back up your chat history. You can find informations how to back up your chat history in this link. After that, you should send your backup to us via e-mail. We will complete your chat history backup transport process.

7. Does HeloRobo have mobile app?

Yes, we are developing the mobile app constantly. However the innitial version only allows users to see and write text messages. All functionality will be developed by the end of the year.

8. Does HeloRobo have quick reply feature?

Yes, It has. Moreover, you can message with your customer faster by assigning quick replies to keyboard shortcuts.

9. Can I send welcoming messages out of the working hours?

Yes, your prepared messages will be sent automatically when your customers write out of the working hours.

10. How can I use my messaging channels for marketing?

You can send bulk messages through WhatsApp Message Template feature. Thanks to that, you can promote your campaign to millions, but don’t forget to consider spam report.

11. What happens if there are too many spam reports?

If you get overmuch spam, your WhatsApp account will be suspended.

12. What is the WhatsApp Message Template feature?

You can send customizable bulk messages with the call-to-action butons, image, video or documents. These messages have %95 open rate.

13. Can I see my products on HeloRobo?

Yes, your products and the information of the products will be automatically displayed in the HeloRobo panel thanks to the integration with Shopify.

14. How can I sell my products through HeloRobo?

You can share your products with your customers in the chat by dragging and dropping. In this way, your customers can see your products in the messaging channel and choose what they want to buy.

15. How is the purchase made?

You can manage your messaging channels, Facebook and Instagram comments from a single panel. You can also market and sell your products through messaging channels thanks to HeloRobo.

16. How do I track my inventories in HeloRobo?

Your inventory is automatically synced with the Shopify Store. In this way, you can continue to manage your inventory from Shopify without having to make any additional settings in the HeloRobo panel.

17. Can I find products on HeloRobo by filtering or searching?

Yes. Product categories in Shopify are also automatically displayed on HeloRobo. You can easily find products by searching or filtering.

18. How many agents can use HeloRobo?

You can find the number of agent who can use HeloRobo on the plans page.

19. Can I manage Instagram and Facebook comments?

Yes, you can reply your customer comments. You can even send special automatic replies to your customer who comments on Instagram posts. In this way, you don’t miss comments and you have the opportunity to convert each comment into sales.

20. What reports HeloRobo provides about my store?

You can access detailed information about message channels, messaging numbers, sales, agent performance, customers success and customer feedback.

21. Which language options are available?

English, French, Turkish and Arabic languages are available for now, but we continue to improve our language options.

22. Can I continue to use my number after canceling my HeloRobo membership?

Yes, you can continue to use your phone number after the cancellation process.

23. If I terminate my HeloRobo membership, when can I start using my phone number on WhatsApp?

We immediately remove your phone number from HeloRobo, you can use your phone number instantly.

24. Can I get my message backups after canceling my HeloRobo membership?

You can manage your messaging channels, Facebook and Instagram comments from a single panel. You can also market and sell your products through messaging channels thanks to HeloRobo.

25. What kind of process awaits me If I want to terminate HeloRobo membership?

You can terminate your membership without any problems. We fulfill your requests for issues such as closing number, closing channels, freeze account, exporting messages as soon as possible.

26. What is WhatsApp green tick, how do I get it?

Green Tick means your business account is approved by WhatsApp. It makes your customers trust you. If you request to get Green Tick, we carry out the steps for you.